CB8030 Conventional Lathe Machine - Craft

CB8030 Conventional Lathe Machine

CB8030 Conventional Lathe Machine
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CB8030 Conventional Lathe Machine
Main Motor Power7.5 kW, 400 V
Swing Diameter over Machine Bed800 mm
Swing Diameter over Bridge1000 mm
Swing Diameter over Cross Slide (Carriage)560 mm
Bed Width510 mm
Center Width3000 mm
Speed Range30-1400 rpm
Number of Steps12
Spindle TaperMK7
Spindle HolderD1-8
Spindle Bore105 mm
Compound Rest Travel320 mm
Cross Slide Travel145 mm
Tailstock Spindle (Taper)MK5
Tailstock Spindle Diameter75 mm
Tailstock Sleeve Stroke150 mm
Longitudinal Feed0.027-1.07 mm/rev
Compound Rest Travel0.063-2,52 mm
Pitch–Metric1-14 mm (22 piece) mm
Pitch–Inches20-2 TPI (20 piece)
Modular Thread Range0.5-7 (18 piece)
Diametral Pitch Range56-4 DP (24 piece)
Tool Holder25x25 mm
Machine Size4370x1350x1500 mm
Weight3750 Kg

• Mechanical clutch system
• Chuck guard with safety switch
• Heavy-duty and rigid cast iron
machine bed
• Equipped with joystick
featuring practical easy use
• Machine lamp
• Lathe Foot Brake
• Coolant System
• CE Standard

Standard Accessories
• 3 jaw lathe chuck
   Ø315 mm
• 4 jaw lathe chuck
   Ø315 mm
• Face plate – Ø480 mm
• Steady Rest
• Follow Rest
• Live center
• Dead center
• Thread Gauge
• Quadruple tool holder
• Machine lamp
• Protective Chuck and
   Tool Holder Shields
• Coolant System
• Operating Tools