CF10030S Heavy-Duty Lathe Machine

CF10030S Heavy-Duty Lathe Machine
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CF10030S Heavy-Duty Lathe Machine
Main Motor Power11 kW, 400 V
Swing Diameter over Machine Bed1000 mm
Swing Diameter over Bridge1200 mm
Swing Diameter over Cross Slide (Carriage)685 mm
Swing Diameter over Machine Bed550 mm
Center Width3000 mm
Speed Range14-750 rpm
Number of Steps18
Spindle TaperMK6
Spindle HolderC11
Spindle Bore105 mm
Compound Rest Travel520 mm
Cross Slide Travel200 mm
Tailstock Spindle (Taper)MK6
Tailstock Spindle Diameter120 mm
Tailstock Sleeve Stroke240 mm
Longitudinal Feed0.048-24-3 mm/rev
Cross Feed0.024-12.15 mm/rev
Pitch – metric1-240 mm
Pitch – inches1-28
Modular Thread Range0,5-60
Diametral Pitch Range1-30
Tool Holder32x32 mm
Machine Size5130x1460x1830 mm

• Mechanical clutch system
• Chuck and Tool holder safety
• Heavy-duty and rigid cast
   iron machine bed
• Equipped with joystick featuring
   practical easy use
• Machine lamp
• Lathe Foot Brake
• Coolant System
• CE Standard

Standard Accessories
• 3 jaw lathe chuck
   Ø400 mm
• 4 jaw lathe chuck
   Ø630 mm
• Face plate Ø800 mm
• Steady Rest
• Follow Rest
• MK6 Live center
• MK6 Dead center
• Thread Gauge
• Quadruple tool holder
• Machine lamp
• Protective Chuck and
   Tool Holder Shields
• Coolant System
• Anti-vibration pad
• Operating Tools