FS28 Bench Lathe Machine - Craft

FS28 Bench Lathe Machine

FS28 Bench Lathe Machine
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FS28 Bench Lathe Machine
Main Motor Power1,5 kW, 400 V
Drilling Capacity32 mm
End Mill (Finger Milling) Capacity28 mm
Face Milling Capacity63 mm
Table Size800x240 mm
X Axis Travel560 mm
Y Axis Travel200 mm
Z Axis Travel430 mm
T-slot Size3x14 mm
Spindle TaperMK4
Spindle Speed75-3200 rpm
Number of Steps12
Quill Travel120 mm
Spindle Feed- mm/rev
Headstock Rotation±45°
Spindle-Table Distance460 mm
Spindle-Column Distance275 mm
Machine Size1150x1150x850 mm
Net Weight325 Kg

• Threading mode

• Height-adjustable protective screen with micro switch

• (Height-adjustable protection guard with (safety) switch)

• CE Standard

• Operating tools

210104: MT4-B16 morse taper

210204: MT4-ER32 collet sets, 18 pcs

220042: MT4-MT2 reduction sleeve

220043: MT4-MT3 reduction sleeve

250125: Milling vice 125 mm

260100: Rotary table 100 mm

270012: 14 mm T slotted, M12 mold set

295028: Stand for FS28