Topçular Endüstriyel Üretim ve Yatırım A.Ş. mainly works with the dealership system and carries out its sales through its dealers.
You can contact us to find out our nearest Craft dealer.

We provide installation and training services for many of the products in our portfolio. Installation and training services are not provided for small products that do not require technical assembly. You can find our product groups for which installation services are provided, from the Services section.
For your installation needs, you can contact us by filling the Service Request Form or sending an e-mail to

Our Services

Our warranty period is 1 year for professional uses and 2 years for amateur uses. The invoice of the product you have purchased replaces the warranty certificate. In order to benefit from our services under warranty, an invoice is required and your warranty period starts with your invoice date. No special action or documentation is required to initiate the warranty other than the invoice.

Craft, is a registered trademark of Topçular Endüstriyel Üretim ve Yatırım A.Ş. and is a patented trademark in Turkey. Among our product groups, we have domestic products that we produce in our facilities and products that we import from different countries such as Taiwan, Czech Republic and China.
You can contact us at to find out the origin of the product you are interested in.

  • Always operate your product following the instructions for use, and take care of its maintenance and cleaning by the maintenance instructions.
  • We recommend signing annual maintenance contracts with our authorized services for products dedicated to professional usage and giving importance to periodic maintenances provided by expert personnel.
  • The product should be used by professional and operator qualified users. Using without required qualifications, the product may not work accurately and its life span can be decreased. You should ensure that the used cutting tools and accessories are suitable for the performed works and have the right values.
  • You cannot get correct results with the wrong instruments and parameters The quality of the used cutting tools can maintain the working quality and ensure smooth working conditions. Cleaning and maintaining the tools and cutters can significantly extend their lifetime.
  • Protect your product from chemical substances and hazardous environments that will damage its components.
    Using the product in a vibration-free working area will increase sensitivity and increase machine efficiency.