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The Craft brand started its operations in 2016. Craft, which operates under Reis Makina, a company with over 100 years of experience in the industry, expanded its activities in 2021 by transitioning to Topçular Endüstriyel, a company within the same group.

Craft's product range consists of four main groups: CNC machine tools, universal machine tools, band saws, and laser machines. Under CNC machine tools, there are various product groups such as CNC vertical machining centers, CNC lathes, CNC boring machines, and CNC grinding machines. Under universal machine tools, there is a wide range of products including drills, milling machines, lathes, grinders, tapping machines, vertical slotting machines, shaper machines, boring machines, drill bit sharpening machines, and milling bit sharpening machines. In band saws, there are models with manual, semi-automatic, full automatic, and high-speed cutting capacities. In laser machines, there are laser welding machines, laser cutting machines, and laser cleaning machines.

Craft is a registered trademark of Topçular Endüstriyel Üretim ve Yatırım A.Ş. and is a trademark patented in Turkey. In addition to domestically produced items in our product range, we also have imported product groups. To find out the origin of the product you are interested in, you can contact us at

Band saw machines are manufactured at the Craft production center in Karatay, Konya. In addition, collaborative engineering work is carried out with manufacturers in various countries such as Taiwan, China, and the Czech Republic, enabling production activities in different countries.

Craft provides services to its customers through its active dealers in many regions in addition to the central sales team in Istanbul. You can contact us for dealership inquiries through the contact form

You can contact the Craft brand via phone at +90 850 222 86 28through the email or via the contact form on the website.

Many of the products in our portfolio receive installation and training services, while products that do not require extensive technical assembly do not. You can find our product groups for which installation service is provided in our Service Services section. For installation requests, you can contact us through the Service Request Form or at .

Technical Service

Service Request Form

Our warranty period is 1 year for professional use and 2 years for amateur use. The invoice of your purchased product serves as the warranty document. To benefit from our warranty services, it is necessary to request an invoice, and your warranty period starts with the invoice date. No special procedure or document is required to initiate the warranty apart from the invoice.

You should use your product in accordance with the user instructions and take care of its maintenance and cleaning as per the maintenance instructions.

For products in the professional using category, you should make a maintenance agreement with our authorized services and give importance to having periodic maintenance performed by expert personnel.

The product should be used by professionals and users with operator qualifications. Without proper proficiency in product usage, the product will not yield correct results and its lifespan will be shortened.

It is important that the cutting tools and accessories you use in the product are suitable for the task and used at the correct values. Using the wrong tool and incorrect values will not yield the correct results. The quality and workable nature of the cutting tools you use is important for producing smooth work. Cleaning and maintaining the tools you use will also extend their lifespan.

Protect your product from chemical substances and environmental factors that may damage its components. Using the product in a vibration-free workspace will increase precision values and enhance machine efficiency.