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LF15 Laser Welding Machine

LF15 Laser Welding Machine
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LF15 Laser Welding Machine
Laser Power1500W
Voltage220V, 50-60 Hz V
Welding PenetrationStainless steel: 4mm, Carbon steel: 4mm, Aluminium : 2mm, Galvanized sheet metal: 3mm, Copper: 2mm
Laser Cooling TypeIndustrial thermostatic water tank
Laser Wave Length1080 Nm, ± 5 Nm
Tailstock Diameter0.2-1.8 mm
Torch Length10 m
Moldylation Frequency1-20,000 Hz
Machine Size1130x650x1120 mm
Weight270 Kg

Craft LF series fiber laser welding machines weld with a technology that melts the metal by emitting a high intensity laser on the metal surface. With a high-energy laser beam, heat is transferred only to the area of the material to be welded and welding is performed without deformation. The laser welding machine is suitable for welding stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, galvanized sheet, gold, silver, titanium, nickel, tin, copper and other metals. Ultra-high electro-optical conversion efficiency provides significant energy savings for businesses. Turkish language operation panel makes it easy for the operator to adjust the welding parameters before and during the application.

Advantages Low power consumption saves energy and is environmentally friendly. Welds much faster than conventional methods. 6 times faster than argon welding, 4 times faster than gas welding it will do the job faster. While traditional methods require a highly skilled craftsman, laser welding is much easier. The weld seam is smooth. The need for grinding or cleaning after welding is minimized. Saves labor costs. Laser light makes it possible to weld even in tight spaces without causing damage. Because of the very low welding heat input, there is no deformation of the materials and no capillary cracks are formed

• Automatic wire feeder with 15 kg carrying capacity, (double axle, 4x reel)

• Nozzle 5 pcs (including cutting nozzle)

• Protective lens 5 pcs

• Protective goggle 1 pcs

• Tool bag 1 pcs

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