MC32F Gearbox Drilling Machine

MC32F Gearbox Drilling Machine
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MC32F Gearbox Drilling Machine
Main Motor Power1.5 kW, 400 V
Working TypeGeared
Drilling Capacity32 mm
Tapping CapacityM20
Spindle TaperMK4
Spindle Stroke (Spindle Travel)120 mm
Spindle-Column Distance278 mm
Spindle - Table Distance610 mm
Spindle to Base Distance1180 mm
Column Diameter115 mm
Speed Range75-3200 rpm
Number of Steps12
Table Size730x210 mm
Base Size670x470 mm
Spindle Feed0,10,0,18,0,26
Machine Size935x560x2280 mm
Dimensions (L x W x H)700x720x2050 mm
Coolant Pump Power40 W
Net Weight350 Kg

• X axis automatic table feed
• Table power feeder: Automatic
Motor with gear table feed
• 730x210 mm table size
• Automatic spindle feed
• Threading mode
• Height-adjustable chuck guard
with safety switch
• Lighting system
• Cooling unit
• CE standard