Offered Services

As the Craft brand, we offer the highest quality and fastest service to our customers with our strong service team and expert regional services, giving importance to high customer satisfaction.


Our Craft Technical Service team performs all the necessary works in a safe and fast manner including new machine installations, relocations, and re-commissioning of the machine in new locations.

Our products are delivered with a comprehensive service such as setting up the machine, leveling, first electrification and start-up, and describing possible faults of the machine to the users.


Periodic maintenance is critical for efficient and proper operation. Not performing periodical maintenance works can increase malfunctions and lead to work losses.Regular maintenance will increase the productive lifespan of the machine. With the maintenance works provided by the Craft Technical Service team, you can ensure that machines work at high performance for a long time.


Our Craft Technical Service team intervenes in all possible damages quickly and solves the problems as soon as possible and minimizes the working losses.Our strong service team in our Istanbul office intervenes in all mechanical and electrical problems.Meanwhile, our regional services located in industrial cities like Ankara, İzmir, Konya, Bursa, Adana, and Kocaeli support our customers in mechanical and electrical problems.In case of electrical problems, interventions can be made with our more than 100 services spread out Turkey.


With the installation of new products, machine components and general working principles are demonstrated by our Craft Technical Service team.Additionally, more comprehensive training programs are organized for the most accurate and efficient use of our Craft products.

Main Service Location - Istanbul

Reis Service

Abdurrahmangazi Mah. İmamoğlu Sok. 34887 Sancaktepe/İstanbul

Phone: 0850 222 86 28 / Internal: 7211