T125DC Bandsaw Machines

T125DC Bandsaw Machines
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T125DC Bandsaw Machines
Main Motor PowerGiriş: 1250W - Çıkış : 300 W, 230 V
Cutting Angle0°-60°
Cutting Angle AdjustmentMiter Cutting
Lifting the Saw Head / FeedMiter Cutting
Saw Blade Dimensions13x0,65x1440 mm
Cutting Areas 0°Round:125mm ; Rectangle:120x120mm
Cutting Areas 45°Round:70mm ; Rectangle:70x120mm
Cutting Areas 60°Round:35mm ; Rectangle:35x65mm
Speed Range23-75 rpm
Number of Stepsİnvertörlü Devir Kontrolü
Machine Size1295x450x1060 mm
Dimensions (L x W x H)730x385x475 mm
Weight21 Kg

• Emergency Stop-button
• Automatic stop at the
   end of cutting
• 60°degree adjustment
• Lightweight as only of
   21 kg
• CE Standard

Standard Accessories
• Adjustable material stop
• Saw with bimetal blade

Optional Accessories:
Machine base:
Replacement saw band:
13x0,65x1440 mm – 10/14 tpi

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