T225MV Bandsaw Machines - Craft

T225MV Bandsaw Machines

T225MV Bandsaw Machines
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T225MV Bandsaw Machines
Main Motor Power1,1 kW, 380 V
Cutting Angle0°-60°
Cutting Angle AdjustmentMiter Cutting
Lifting the Saw Head / FeedHidrolik
Saw Blade Dimensions27x0,9x2460 mm
Cutting Areas 0°Round:225 mm; Kare:195x195 mm; Rectangle:265x150 mm
Cutting Areas 45°Round:150 mm; Kare:150x150 mm; Rectangle:200x135 mm
Cutting Areas 60°Round:90 mm; Kare:85x85 mm
Speed Range21-84 m/dak rpm
Number of StepsInverter/Veriable
Machine Size1650x610x1092 mm
Weight215 Kg

• Unlimited step between 21-84 minutes with inverter speed regulation / Vario system

• Digital speed display

• LED light illuminating the cutting area

• Hydro-mechanical band tensioning and saw pressure gauge

• Angle adjustment up to 60° from the hub

• Ergonomic control panel that providing ease of use

• Special design cast pulleys

• High quality hydraulic system that adjusts the feed rate

• Domestic main engine, powerful reducer

• Domestic or Italian production cooling pump

• High quality electrical system

• Chip Brush

• CE Standards

• Adjustable support arm 

• Bi-metal saw blade mounted on the machine

Replacement saw band:


27x0,9x2460mm- 5/8 diş


27x0,9x2460mm- 6/10 diş


27x0,9x2460mm- 8/12 diş


27x0,9x2460mm- 10/14 diş